Gary Appleton
9095 Yarmouth Circle Apt F
Loveland, OH 45140
Home: (513) 791-6918

High School to Wedding:

I attended Wentworth Institute right after high school and studied building construction for one year of a two-year program. I quit and decided to go to architecture school and so transferred to the University of Colorado.  I went to the University of Colorado for a year and a half of a 5-year program.  I quit and joined the Navy with Ed Koskella for a four-year term.  I quit after 1 year moved back with my parents in Acton Mass.  In May 1969 I married Ann Gelpke for life and so far I have not quit.  We have been married over 30 years.

Wedding to Children:

Ann and I moved back to Colorado where I completed my degree in Architecture and then moved to Newton Center where I worked in Boston at several jobs moving ahead with my career.  Went to Suffolk University Law School for a year but quit after my creative genes could stand it no more.   We bought a house in Needham, Ann got her Masters in social work at Simmons.  We had our first daughter Amanda in 1975 and our second, Charlotte, in 1979.

Children to Empty Nest:

Right after Charlotte was born in 1979 I took a position with Fluor Daniel and we moved to Greenville South Carolina where we spent eight great years.  In 1987 I was transferred to Cincinnati Ohio to work on Procter & Gamble projects as part of a partnership between Fluor and P&G.  Amanda went to Ohio State and got her MBA last year and Charlotte will get her BA in micro genetics this year from Ohio State and go to medical school in South Carolina next year.

I have traveled all over the US on projects while at Fluor and went into business for myself four years ago.  I still travel but being self-employed I have more control.  I have worked in China and Mexico and hope to see even more of the world soon.  Because we have not prepared well for retirement, I do not plan on doing so.  I feel like I have just strapped jetpacks to my feet and the future looks very exciting.

Looking Back:

I look forward to seeing everyone.  Thirty years is a lifetime but the memories of high school continue to dwell within me.  My Gray Ford Perfidia, all the parties at the heights, my broken heart, basketball games, door monitors, bad complexion, throwing eggs at cars and people on Halloween, pride in getting my name read for detention to the whole school, knowing that school was easy but not being sure I would actually graduate.  Had I cut it too close?  Driving to the cape looking for trouble and finding it,  talking with Toni on her front steps, working at Billy’s Market, Senior Prom with Bonnie, Ron, and Linda, Did it all really happen or did I read it somewhere.  At fifty-four I am not quite sure.  Was this Sharon or Mayberry?