Kathy Benigni Sturman
PO Box 351
Kennebunk, ME  04043
Home: (207) 967-4234
E-mail: Kathy@roadrunner.com

Updated June 2015:

To repeat the facts:Married Mark Sturman in 1968….travelled with him to Kentucky, California and Maryland while he was in the Army. Completed a BA in English from UMass Amherst after earning credits from UMaryland and UMaine. Moved to Kennebunk, Maine, in 1970….had two sons in 1970 and 1974……was a substitute teacher (many times long-term) for ten years, then did a myriad bunch of other things (none of which made any money)……..we’ve travelled a lot to the Caribbean, Italy, and in the U.S.

Our kids are great….married, and live in Charlotte, NC, and Charlottesville, VA……they have five kids between them, ages 8 to 2 (chaotic)….we visit them often.
The past ten years have involved a lot of care giving. After my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my parents moved up here……he passed away in 2012, but my Mom is still great at 95!
Besides helping Mark (undiagnosed neuromuscular disease) and my Mom, I do yoga (to stay sane), running and spinning (to keep the weight off….I wasn’t called Fatty II for nothing),and play tennis ( because I love it).

Mostly, I’m still me. I love to travel, read, and go to movies……the beach is still my favorite place on earth.

Oh…..and I still like drama. So let’s bring it on.


Originally submitted in 2001:

Hey…Thank God we’re having a reunion. Now I will no longer have to say we’re the only class on the planet that didn’t even have a 25th…we’re redeemed, thanks to Jeff and all who are putting in the time.

Anyone else hyperventilating about writing a quick bio? Talk about taking stock…

Went to UMass to get lost and stop talking.
Left in ’68, married Mark Sturman (much to the chagrin of religious zealots everywhere).
Traveled with the army ( Ky, Cal, Md ) for 2 years.
Finished my degree at U Maryland & U Maine (did well since I actually attended classes). BA English.
Moved to Kennebunk, Me in ’70, (it reminded me of the Cape), and was delighted that they had electricity         and running water.
Had Greg in ’70. ( He graduated Bentley and is now living in Charlestown, working for Qualcom).
Did substitute teaching, often full time, ’71-’85 at Kennebunk High School. I still prefer talking to teenagers.
Had Todd in ’74. ( He graduated UVA and now lives with his brother in Charlestown and works for MFS).
Quit real work in ’85, wanted to write.
Still want to write.
I hate the box “occupation” on many forms. I just fill in “philosopher”. Unpaid.
Have enjoyed tennis, swimming, spinning, going from field to court watching the boys play whatever (needless to say, super athletes…must have been my genes…didn’t I play 2nd base??), travel (especially Italy), oh…and drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll. (Wasn’t it the sixties?)
Hope to see EVERYONE in April…the diet has begun.
What was I doing as a business manager of The Tide?

Take me back to Pettee’s Hill with snow swirling around us
Let me feel
      the rush of the jump
      the wind on my face
And let me hear the laughter
      of innocence and irresponsibility

Some other things:
Forging passes out of HomeEc
Fainting (deliberately after the 10 count breath hold) to really perplex Mr. Fox
Holding doors open in the corridors (endlessly) and thinking it was a privilege
Begging Mrs. Cappernaris to give me a C so I could go to the dance (thanks, Ralph Kaplan, for trying)
Homeroom talks with Paula Bellis (are you a shrink now?)
Seeing the nurse for cramps on test days
Mr. Dowd nixing The Twist at our Freshman Dance ( too vulgar)
Getting through Latin ( thanks, Arga)
Sleepovers with just girls
Mr. Riley’s senior English class: a teacher finally asked, “What do YOU think about that?” Whew.