Judy Bernstein
131 Mason Terrace
Brookline, MA  02446

Home: (617) 738-4422
E-mail: JudyLBernstein@gmail.com


I am living in Brookline with my husband, Bob Weintraub. He is the headmaster of Brookline High School and I am the manager of the Boston Social Security Office in the O'Neill Federal Building in North Station. We have 2 really great children, Sarah and David. Sarah graduated from Clark University in June and is now in Ecuador in the Peace Corps. I was just browsing articles on Ecuador and forwarded a couple to her. She does get to an Internet Cafe from time to time so I try to communicate with her that way as well as by letter and phone. Our son is a sophomore at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He is totally into Russian novels, his guitar, Phish and just called to tell us that he got elected President of his dorm.

After college, I lived in NYC for a few years and was in the Urban Education Corps. That is where I met my husband. After we married in 1972, we "retired" and traveled in Europe and Israel and the States for a couple of years. I am really glad that we did that because once we settled down in Boston, our lives became very busy with work and children. We still love to travel, but don't so nearly as much as we would like to.

I have actually worked for Social Security for over 25 years. Every time I thought of trying something new, I got a new position with them. I have done many things over the years from starting as a claims representative, to doing Labor Relations work, to being a budget officer, to having different positions in management. All have been challenging and interesting. I have crossed paths with a couple of SHS graduates at work--Bob Hertzel and Toni Kalb (now Toni Russo). Toni lives in Colorado and is the manager of the Lakewood office. She and I were both on the board of a national association and I will be seeing her in Seattle at a meeting in October. She is married, has 2 daughters and is doing well. As you probably know, Bob Hertzel left the government and is now in the "private sector."

Now that I am an empty nester, life is a little less hectic. I look forward to hearing from all of my far-flung SHS friends. A million thanks to Jeff for putting in all of the time and energy needed to produce this SHS site.