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Updated May 2015:

First of all, I want to say that the 36th and 40th reunions were a blast and that anyone who has the chance to go to the 50th should do so as who knows, this might be the last - not because we might not be around, but due to all the work your reunion committee has to do to make this an eventful night, who knows who will want to step up and organize the next one.

Since I last saw everyone, a lot has happened. I left New England Life in 2000 after 30 years to go to Fidelity due to the fact MetLife had taken over and was downsizing NEL as they consolidated functions. I figured I'd get ahead of the axe. Bad decision. 9/11 hit and Fidelity laid off 800+ people including me. The next year was hard, but we managed thru. I worked part-time at the Post Office, did some substitute teaching, and was working part-time at a liquor store to keep my sanity. The money helped too. Eventually, I was asked to work full-time at the liquor store and I landed a part-time job with a CPA doing tax returns and some bookkeeping. I worked at the liquor store until May 31, 2014 and finished up doing taxes after the 2013 season. Alice (my wife of almost 36 years) and I decided to move to Royston, GA last July. Her brother has lived here 23+ years and convinced us the weather was better here than in New England. He sure was right. We are both retired (as of the moment) and loving it. My son Marc is living in CA trying his luck at acting. He graduated from Ithaca College in 2008 and immediately moved to CA to pursue an acting career. He is struggling as do 90% of the actors, but with Dad's help, he is surviving. He has had many background roles and even co-starred in a small independent film (Rancho D'Amore), but is still waiting for his big break. I keep my fingers crossed. He and his girlfriend visited us here in GA in March. Great to see both of them, but much too short. He'll be turning 30 this July and we are hoping to surprise him with a trip to CA in July.

I am looking to reconnect with some of my old friends and classmates. It will be here before you know it. I love the nostalgic moments people are sharing. See everyone in October. Go EAGLES!!!!


Originally submitted in 2001:

It was great reading about all of you who have submitted bios. As for myself, I have not lead as exciting a life as most of you. I currently live in Georgetown, MA with my wife of 21 years, Alice, and my son Marc, who was 15 on July 13. He is the joy of my life and I am spend most of my free time involved in his activities (whether he likes it or not). Although a very average player, he is involved in different levels of basketball, baseball and soccer. He is an honor roll student (occasionally making High Honors) and will be entering the 9th grade this September. My wife works in the Lawrence District Courthouse as the Traffic Clerk. You go to see her when you want to contest a ticket before a Clerk Magistrate or a judge. Sorry, no ticket fixing. I have directly and indirectly worked for New England Life Insurance Company (A.k.a. New England Financial) for 30 years in various Accounting and Management positions. I am currently Divisional Controller for the Computer Operations and Telecommunications division. New England merged with MetLife in 1996 and over the past year Met has started to flex its muscle. Donít know what the fallout will be, but weíll just have to wait and see. I am looking forward to retiring at the ripe old age of 60 Ė just 6 years and 7 months from now, but whoís counting. I have been fortunate over the years to have always been working. I wonít say Iím a rich person, but we have a nice house and live comfortably. We have our health and thatís more important than all the tea in China. Speaking of health, I continue to play basketball regularly. I play with a bunch of guys in Ipswich each Sunday night. We have a blend of young studs and old farts like myself (now that I think of it, I think Iím the oldest fart that still plays). Oh, well as long as the legs hold up. My son keeps me very young at heart. I probably will never grow up.

My mother still lives on Lee Road. My dad passed away in 1989. I try to get down to visit her and do things around the house as her house needs a lot of work. Itís hard because I live 60 miles away and I have my own house to keep up. She doesnít get out much as her health isnít all that great plus she prefers the confines of her house. Sheís a very old 71. My sister Pat lives in Canton and my sister Mona in Foxboro. Iím the only one who moved to the No. Shore.

Several of you have mentioned nostalgia. I too seem to become a little more nostalgic as I get older. Whenever I hear some of the old songs, I think about the days growing up in Sharon. They were fun times. I only wish we realized how much fun they were. I remember the days hanging around with Bobby C., Bibbo and Fran McNulty (who lives in Needham, I think) and later with Lou I., Cliff G., Rick M., Norm L. Leo H., and Bobby Carter. I donít really keep in touch with anyone except on occasion Linda Finer and even rarer Bob Bibbo (he had a triple bypass a couple of years ago). I saw Bobby Cunningham at his fatherís wake and the same was true of Rick Markt. Bibbo lives in Sharon as some of you know. Bobby C. lived in New Jersey the last time I knew. Rick lived down in Jeff Kublin territory (Georgia) the last time I saw him. Whenever I see shows such as The Wonder Years or Doogie Howser or the movie Stand By Me, I reminisce about the old days. How nice it would be to recapture some of them. In the movie, Stand By Me, Richard Dreyfus, who narrates most of the movie, makes a statement something like, youíll never have the friends in life that you had when you were 14. How trueÖ

I donít know about the rest of you, but I really enjoyed our 10th and 20th class reunions and would welcome a 35th. 35 years, do you believe it? I hope we can pull it off.