Janet Burgess Mahan
8805 166 Ave. N.E.
Unit B03
Redmond, WA 98052
Home: (425) 861-9253
E-mail: jansp51@comcast.net

Updated in September 2015>

I am so sorry I will not be able to get there.....I will be there in spirit! Give my regards to my prom date Bobby Carter. Also, hello to Brad Rich who gave me his milk in kindergarten, after I spilled mine :-)

Will hope to hear who came the farthest distance to get there.....I might have been a contender for that (Seattle)

Last bit of info.....I retired from my Emergency RN job in 2013 after 45 years! Who would have guessed that direction for me?? Lots of stuff left to do now that the work part is over!! Daughter and grandson to enjoy!

Have a great reunion celebration! Good health and happiness to those of us that made it this far :-)

Information provided in 2001:

  RN Staff nurse
  Emergency Department
  Overlake Hospital Medical Center
  Bellevue, WA

  Mustang Club
  Auto racing (Spectator Nascar Winston Cup races, minimal local involvement)
  Boating (local San Juan Islands)
  Flying (local, small plane, "co-pilot" only)
  Other interests: skiing, shooting, rollerblading

  Married 1970, Divorced 1986
  Daughter: Debbie, age 30
  Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Howard Burgess, Auburn, NH
  Brother: Mr. Howard Burgess, Merrimack, NH (SHS Class of 1963)

  Boston City Hospital School of Nursing
  Moved to California 1970
  Moved to Seattle area 1978