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Updated: March 2015

Where have the years gone? This year, my wife, Bobbi, and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary. We have 5 grandchildren aged 2 through 6, all boys. We still hold out hope for a girl as my son Dan, just got married in September 2014.

Adam, 41, my oldest, lives in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis and works as a Marketing Director at BestBuy. Dan, 38, lives in Denver with his new wife, Rachel and works for an airline consulting firm. Our daughter, Lara, lives 5 doors down from us with her husband Jonathan, who is President and COO of an insurance company, and their 2 little boys, Levi and Noah. We are very proud Saba and Savta (grandparents).

I continue as a general and vascular surgeon in Pittsfield, MA. I may retire……… some day, but not ready yet.

I look forward to seeing all my classmates at our 50th reunion in October.


Posted in 2001

Life is what really happens when we are busy making other plans. Since I graduated from Sharon High, my dream was to become a surgeon and all my energy was directed towards that goal. After graduating from Penn, I went to medical school in New York City, and did my 5 years of surgical training in Rochester, NY, where the sun rarely shines (just ask Geri Rogoff). In my spare time, I got married, and had 2 sons, Adam, now 26, and Dan, 23. All was going just fine and in 1978 I joined a surgical practice in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a community similar to Sharon. This was really a great situation, as it afforded me the opportunity to combine patient care with teaching surgery to both resident trainees and UMass medical students. I was appointed assistant professor of surgery and assistant dean of students at UMass Medical in Pittsfield.

Then things really changed. My wife of 14 years left. I was faced with the dilemma of how to combine raising 2 small children with my professional life. I soon met the love of my life, Bobbi, and in 1985 we married. As was I, she was a package deal, coming with a nine year old daughter, Lara. Then the fun began as we blended our families into one. We survived bar mitzvahs, puberty, exes, and college tuitions. The kids made it easy on us, all attending Penn. One year, we had all 3 in at the same time, and that year we brought them in a moving van.

Adam and Dan work in Denver, at Charles Schwab, and Lara is about to move to Columbus, Ohio to pursue a job in children's educational theater. Bobbi and I love to travel, and are always looking forward to our next adventure. I enjoy golf, fishing, and seeing old friends, and look forward to our reunion in April.