Sharon DeMaio Greene

Life goes well.  I was divorced from David Moulton, Class of 1963, after twelve years, but following four years of being a single mom I married Alex Greene.  Between us we have five children—three mine and two his—and four grandchildren. Counting spouses and significant others we’re at critical mass for our antique cape in the country.  Somehow we all end up in the kitchen!

After high school, many years after, I finished a B.A. at the University of Vermont and a Master's degree at Dartmouth College, where I concentrated in art history and American decorative arts.  I worked for several years in the museum field, then changed direction and accepted a position at Dartmouth because I love the Hanover/Norwich area – not to mention the school.  I found out on the class web page that Marianne Lillard and Mary Beth Dingman also live in the area.  I’ve probably run into them at Ben & Gerry's without even knowing it.  No, no, really, I’ve only gained 20 pounds…

My work as Assistant to the Board of Trustees keeps me busy and engaged, but I still manage to find time to hang out with friends, wander in museum galleries, and travel a bit (all roads do lead to Rome). I particularly love going to the tiny coastal village in Maine, where Alex and his family have spent part of every summer since 1945!  The family has changed a bit, but the village remains essentially the same. 

Not much time for volunteer work anymore, but I’ve chaperoned many a class trip, served as an emergency room liaison at a regional hospital,  and, also, as a planning commissioner for our town.  The latter gave me first-hand experience with some of the development issues pressing rural Vermont.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Jeff Kublin, I look forward to seeing everyone in April.  I’ve thought of many of you over the years and wondered how you are, where you are, and what you are doing?  It’s been great fun reading your bios and retrieving lost thoughts.  Thanks for helping me find them.