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Updated March 16, 2015

I am very grateful for the conservative education which I received at Sharon High School. I have noticed that many of my younger co-workers are deficient in basic math and English. I remember that I had to wear a suit and tie every day. I no longer have to do this, but it was good to learn respect for the rules of the business environment.

Unfortunately, I do not have fond memories of my social life at Sharon High. I was legally blind and could not participate in sports. I wasn't even allowed to take shop. I rarely dated. I helped to set up the gym for the Senior Prom, but I didn't attend because I never asked anyone to go with me.

After graduation, I received an Associates degree from Dean Jr. College. I transferred to UMass, Amherst where I received a Bachelor and Master degree in business. Many years later, I discovered that our guidance counselor, Mr. Barrows, did not recommend me to UMass because he thought it would be too hard for me.

After a brief work experience in the garment trade and a travel agency, I went to work for a real estate property management company. I have worked in this industry ever since. I gave up my job around age 50 when my eyesight got a lot worse. Although I have remained unemployed since that time, I have never been busier. I was a volunteer for the Carroll Center For the Blind for twenty years. I am secretary to my condo association and I prepare tax returns for many of my friends who can't afford to have this done for them any other way. I also volunteer at Simmons College as a practice patient in the nursing school. I might need one of those nurses some day, so I better help to train them!

I never married and have no children. I have been living in my Boston condo for fifteen years. For the past four years, my volunteer reader, a gentleman about my age, has become my roommate. This is the first time that I have had a working pair of eyes in my house and it takes a little getting used to.