Marilyn Friedman Paul
15029 Malayan Ct
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Phone: (239) 908-9327

Doug and I moved from Sharon with our kids to Chicago in 1979. We loved it there but another job took us to Mpls in 1982. We really like Mpls. It has so much to offer. We live in Plymouth which is a large suburb about 15 minutes from the city. Great lakes, sports teams, theater and concerts. The theater and concert going are what we like best. I'm a volunteer usher at The Guthrie Theater. I seat people and then see the play! Right now "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" is playing with Patrick Stewart.

Doug is a manufacturer's rep with his own agency with lines from the houseware and hardware industry. I've been working as a secretary at Courage Center, a large rehab facility for those who have had brain injuries and spinal cord injuries and for those born with congenital disabilities. Clients come from all over the country to try to gain some independence before moving on with their lives. Many clients stay in MN, not because of the glorious winters, but because it offers a lot for those with disabilities.

We've been collecting art over the years, including glass art and a large collection of kaleidoscopes. Every wall in my home has a picture on it. When we travel, we promise each other we won't buy anything, but we always see something different we think will look great in our home. It does remind us of the places we've been to. I'm not very good at putting the pictures we've taken in albums. When Doug goes to Toronto and Chicago on business, I try to go with him. We still have friends in Chicago. Coincidentally, they have a son and family who now live in Chestnut Hill and they love visiting them in Boston! We like to visit Europe and have taken several beach vacations to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. I'm also crazy about Las Vegas. As soon as we return from a trip, we start talking about where to go next.

My two sons live here also. David is 30 and Mike is 26. They've been through school here and live in their own places.  To them this is "home." I love having them over for Sunday dinner! No daughters-in-law or grandchildren yet. I still say "I'm going home when I talk about visiting MA. We especially enjoy going down the Cape. My wish would be to spend about six months there and Doug would like the other six months to be in Florida. Both our mothers live in Florida as does my brother, Steven. Doug's brother, Jeff, is retired and is spending a lot of time in Florida too. It seems inevitable that we'll end up there.

In the meantime, see you soon in Sharon.