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What have I been doing for the past 35 years?  I often ask myself the same question!  In any case, to refresh everyone's ageing memories, I left SHS the end of our junior year when my parents moved to Brockton. Besides the radical cultural change, the move also provided me with the opportunity to get a summer job in the Clinical Laboratory at what used to be the Goddard Hospital in Stoughton.  Except for a brief foray in the auto parts business (I admit it, I'm still a gear head) I have been working in the health care industry ever since, primarily in Management Information Systems. Currently, I am an Enterprise Project Manager with McKessonHBOC.

I worked as a Medical Technologist for about 12 years, the majority of the time at the former Cardinal Cushing in Brockton.  I also worked as a Med Tech in the military (Army Reserve) and managed a research project for BU Medical Center at Walpole State Prison (lots of good stories from that gig!)

I returned to college to get my BS in 1975 (I was on the 10 year plan!).  After graduation, I got my first job in "high tech" and have been with it ever since.  I have lived in Manhattan and St. Louis and currently reside in Canton with my wife (number 2, but who's counting?) and daughter.  My daughter was Canton High's Hockomock League Scholar Athlete of the year for 2000 and will be attending Cornell University (clearly, she does not take after me at all!) Enough bragging.

We've been living in Canton for 15 years and, to tell the truth, I can't wait to sell the house and move into a condo, preferably in a warmer climate.  Somehow, mowing, shoveling and painting just don't appeal to me anymore!  Maybe it's an age thing, like needing glasses (mid 40's for me) and having "senior moments."  Please tell me I'm not the only one! Odd though, even after 35 years I still have vivid memories, both good and bad, of Sharon High School (and Junior High.)  It'll be fun to swap stories and see if things really did happen as I remember them.  That said, I hope everyone is well and happy and I am looking forward to getting together, either electronically or in the flesh.