Toni Kalb Russo
9968 W. Oregon Place
Lakewood, CO 80232
Home: (303) 988-8752

Updated April 2015:

After HS graduation I went to the University of New Hampshire and then transferred to the University of Colorado. Gary Appleton convinced me that CU would be a good school for me, and at least I would know one person when I got there-him! So I transferred, and three months later he and Ed Koskella joined the Navy! After graduating I moved to New York, and eventually moved to California, North Dakota, and back here to Colorado.

I worked for Social Security administration (as did Bob Hertzel and Judy Berstein) for 37 years(hard to believe as I look back), and I have been retired since 2008. Life has certainly changed. There is so much freedom in retirement. I imagine many of you are in the same situation.

I do work part time at Talbot's, a woman's clothing store, and I enjoy meeting all the clientele and the team I work with. And of course I get great discounts on clothing.

I am in touch with several classmates and so glad we were able to connect: Kathy Sturman, Jeff Kublin, Judy Bernstein, Linda Keeling, Gary Appleton, Bob Hertzel, and most recently, Linda Finer Sherman. In fact, Paul and I visited with Jeff in Florida a couple of times, and once we all rode camels together. Fun! I can't wait to meet all the other classmates in October.

I have two daughters, ages 23 and 29. The older daughter is married and lives in California, the younger daughter lives near me in Colorado. I'm waiting anxiously for some grandkids.

I have a great guy in my life, Paul, and he will be with me at the reunion. Interestingly, he grew up in Malden, MA.

I travel a good amount, mostly to foreign countries. I spent two months living in Florence and it was the experience of a lifetime. I'm currently planning a trip to Dubai and South Africa.

I keep pretty busy with my kids, my Dad and sister who both live nearby, my part time job, my friends, Paul, and of course, my dog. I love to read, watch movies, go to the theater, and cook.

That's about it. See you all soon.