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As I think you know, I married my girlfriend from class 72A, Arlene Gross.  We have been married almost 31 years.  I have spent the bulk of my adult life working in my father's cocktail mix business.  Unfortunately, he died over 27 years ago.  Since then my brother & I have both been either president, v.p., and treasurer of the company.  In 1980 we built a 44,000 s.f. manufacturing facility in Norwood, using about half of the building for our company and renting out the balance of the building.  So we sort of backed into the real estate business but never got involved with Florence Kates Realtors.

Arlene has been a terrific wife and mother.  She went to B.U., did work as a medical secretary and exec. secretary and then was a full-time mother when the kids were little.  As they got older she started working part-time and at one point spent a year helping out our company as the office manager when we couldn't find a good office manager.  After the kids were grown, at the ripe old age of 44, Arlene returned to school and became a court reporter, which she works at now.  She loves and hates it, but mainly loves it.

We have two great kids, each one wonderful and special in their own way.  And both are graduates of Sharon High School.  Boy, was that weird going to open house and conferencing with Mr. Foley and Mr. Cronin, et al as the parent! 

And graduation was even weirder.  Our oldest, Brian (28) lives in Colorado and has been married for 2 years.  We're still getting used to the fact that he's married.  He'll soon have his master's in school counseling which he is working on while working full-time for the City of Colorado Springs.  He works with the disadvantaged and disabled population of the city and does a fantastic job.  He's a very sensitive, wonderful person.  He's also about as good a marathon runner could be without turning pro and devoting the majority of their life to the sport.  He'll be running Boston Marathon in April for the 3rd time and we'll be there to cheer him on.

Arlene & I for reasons too numerous to mention here moved to Sarasota, FL about 8 years ago.  We both love it here.

Our daughter Julie has a degree in teaching and is currently subbing hoping for a full-time position.  Her ultimate goal is to teach special ed.  Not bad for a kid with cerebral palsy.  She really is an amazing young lady and has had to overcome a lot and work very hard to get where she is today.  She is completely independent and we're very, very proud of her.

Me, I like to do some bicycling, swimming, tennis, but primarily I'm a runner.  I've done 5 triathlons, 2 in Sharon and 3 in Florida, and numerous running races.  I also volunteer 1/2 a day a week helping people less fortunate than me, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.  Arlene likes to play tennis and tries to walk almost every day.  She's a good listener and advisor to her numerous friends.  But most of all she is a fantastic wife, friend, and advisor to me and a great mother and daughter.

Within the last year we have bumped into Bobby Carter, Suzanne Fogg, and Hermie Steinberg, all of whom live in Sarasota.  I think Bobby said he was working as the Director of the Senior Friendship Centers, or something like that.  Suzanne is living on Longboat Key (hoo ha!) with her 2nd husband and is a psychologist (?).

Arlene & I know where some other of our classmates are and will get their e-mail addresses and pass on info about the on-line reunion you have started.

Jeff, thanks for all your efforts in trying to unite the class of '65.  We enjoyed reading the bio's about the old, bald members of the class and also about the guys.  Hope this wasn't too rambling.  I figure since it's two class members, we could take a little extra space.  Keep in touch.