Carol Lovatt
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521 

Work: (951) 827-4663
Fax: (951) 827-4437


I have lived in Riverside, CA since 1980. My family moved out of Sharon in the mid-70's and except for a quick drive through and lunch this summer, I have not been back to Sharon since then. I heard about any reunions, so I never attended any. It would be nice to see everyone again.

I am a professor of plant physiology at the University of California-Riverside. Relevant facts can be obtained at the web address  I always wanted to be a scientist and here I am.  It was an opportunity that came later rather than earlier but I love it.  My "job" probably occupies more of my life than it should, but to me it is my hobby as well. Now that my children are grown, I can treat myself to a hobby.  I am fortunate that my position is 80% research and only 20% teaching so I only teach half (the plant half) of a large intro Biology course each spring quarter (but I won't be doing that for the next three years) and my graduate course one quarter every other year (that I have to do this winter).  It is not very much teaching and I still enjoy it. I enjoy running effective committees, but committee work is really what gets me bogged down.  I like writing grants and papers, too, but I feel like a secretary much of the time. My "science" is restricted to creative thinking rather than a lot of hands work. Hence, I have a large lab. of graduate students, postdocs, visiting scientists, and technicians.  I came out to UC-Riverside in 1980 to do a postdoc but got a faculty position 2 months later and have been here ever since.

My son Jerry is 33.  Jerry is a CPA, with an MS in Tax, and is a Senior manager for KPMG-Peat Marwick in San Jose, CA.  My daughter Jennifer is 30.  She is married to a super guy, Keith, and they have a little boy Alec, 6-years-old.  Jennifer is a Dental Hygienist, Keith is a supervisor for a large construction company out here, they live in Riverside about 15 minutes from me, which is great cause I can see my grandson all the time.