Ronnie Sue Martin Goldstein
30 Country Lane
Rolling Hills, CA  90274
Home: (310) 544-1712

Updated April 2015:

Although it is a long way from Sharon, Palos Verdes is a beautiful suburban community of Los Angeles, California and it has been our home for the last 33 years.  My husband Alan and I have been married for 47 years.  We split our time between Palos Verdes and The Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA.  Our two daughters are married and also live with their family in Southern California.  We have two grandchildren and one more on the way.  My life's work, with original roots in Sharon, continues in California where I found my own organization EPICA.  Educating People in Compassion for Animals focuses on animal protection and vital legislative initiatives with education for humane treatment for all animals.


Submitted in  2001:

Although I miss my family and come back to visit often, California living sure is wonderful!  I have been married to my husband Alan for thirty-three years. We have two daughters, Stephanie and Melissa, both of whom are now living in Boston. Stephanie is attending graduate school at B.U. and will be married this spring. Melissa is a Sophomore at Boston College. I am a member of National Charity League and would love to hear from any other NCL members!

I am very much involved with my life's work, animal protection, rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. I also have my own organization EPICA...Educating People in Compassion for Animals.