Marcia in 6th grade

Marcia Plante

Updated August 2015:

Unfortunately, I will be unable to make the reunion. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the emails about it and the reminiscing. I have such wonderful memories of Sharon! Though I only lived there for 4 years, it was a gigantic part of my childhood memories. My sister Dee and I have driven through several times in the past few years (on the way back from the Cape) and love that most of it is just exactly the same. We lived at 78 Cottage St., which has not changed much at all.

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Original post in January 2001:

Hello everyone!

Though I didn't graduate from SHS, I was invited to appear on this page by Jeff (Kublin) and Ellen (Wolfson Abelson). Thanks for their gracious and warm welcome.

Having lived in Sharon from 3rd through 6th grades, I have many fond memories of my time there. It was a wonderful place to grow up. Perfect, really.

Some of my recollections:

Third Grade:

1. A blimp slowly glided by outside our classroom window.
2. Taking the Iowa tests for the first time and actually liking the experience.
3. I loved Cottage Street, my new school.
4. Peter Murphy climbed to the top of the giant pine tree in our back yard while my mother frantically called for him to get down from the kitchen window.

Fourth Grade:

1. Mrs. Stressinger read The Secret Garden to us. Still one of my all-time favorite books.
2. The giant swings behind Cottage Street School.
3. Joining 4-H Club to learn to knit. Made a hat.
4. I had a crush on Ricky Markt.
5. Swimming lessons at the Lake on early summer mornings.

Fifth Grade:

1. Substitute teacher Mrs. Carter asked us the significance of the phrase "the shot heard round the world." She wasn't satisfied with anyone's answer.  At the time, I didn't have a clue.
2. We took a field trip to Judith Stanley's father's greeting card company.
3. Playing kick ball every day during recess.

Sixth Grade:

1. Feeling so grown up cause the 6th grades got to be housed in a wing of the brand new high school.
2. We wrote and produced a play about celebrating December holidays around the world.
3. I loved my teacher, Mrs. Roman.
4. Dario, the boy from Italy, who was so cute and couldn't speak English when he first came.
5. Sitting on the wall in front of school, watching all the hunky high school boys walk by.
6. Reading the book Gidget on the beach with Kathy Benigni and thinking my Mom wouldn't like me reading it since it had the word 'bra' in it. (How times have changed!)
7. Attending my first and only baseball game at Fenway. I was beyond excited.
8. The Field Trip to Boston.
9. Cardinal Cushing came for our Confirmation. I recall how relieved I was that instead of quizzing us on questions of faith, he told us hilarious stories about a trip he'd taken.

After leaving Sharon, we moved to W. Hartford, CT, then to Shrewsbury, MA and finally to Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. We've all lived in this area ever since, with the exception of my sister Simone who remained in W. Hartford.

After graduating from college, I taught primary grades for many years.  I then worked as a Day Care Center Director.

My mother passed away two years ago.  I miss her dearly.  Though Western NY is a wonderful place to live, my heart will always be in New England.  I still consider it "home".  I am still an avid Red Sox fan (in Yankee territory!).

After seeing all of your names, pictures and bios, I have been going through such a state of nostalgia and keep drumming up new memories.  But I've already written a book here, so I'd best stop.

Thanks for being a part of my childhood.

Marcia Plante