Neal Pruchansky
23 Number 6 Road
Leverett, MA 01054


Updated July, 2004...

I have recently completed my 19'th year teaching at Keene State College...combined with my other positions, Umass, Amherst and Indaina State University, I have been teeaching for over thirty years. I also spent over ten years as a college undergradaute and graduate student. This strikes me as amazing because I was certainly not a student at SHS. I did not become a student until my junior year of college and did not see education as my career until after completion of my first graduate degree, when I tried WORKING and realized that for me teaching was not work, it was (except for meetings) a "calling". And education is really a life long activity. My career path developed slowly, so to my classmates who have children who are still "trying to find themselves", be patient.