Marilyn Purdy Hebert
71 Hillside Road
South Deerfield, MA  01373
Home: (413) 665-7683

Updated June 2015:

Once named Marilyn Purdy, I have been Marilyn Hebert for almost 47 years. I met and married a fellow UMass student before our senior year there. Together we produced two sons, now in their 30's. We've stayed in western Massachusetts all of our lives, loving the combination of farm land, colleges and exciting local communities. I worked most of that time at Amherst College, and my husband Ron still hasn't retired from there. Our lives have been pretty quiet, as we're hardly wealthy, but we have all we need to be comfortable. There have been ups and downs, but I'm still going strong. Hope everyone in the Class of '65 can say the same thing.!


Originally submitted 4/18/07

I headed off to UMass., Amherst when I graduated from SHS, and I'm still out here in western Massachusetts. I got married to a fellow student, Ron, in 1968, and got my B.A. in English in 1969. We settled down in a nice, rural community near lots of colleges, for the best of both worlds. I've worked as purchaser/bookkeeper in the biology department at Amherst College since 1982, and have plans to finally retire in the spring of 2009. At that time I'd like to open a B&B in our home, mainly as an excuse to do lots of interior decorating, which I love. Our older son married his childhood sweetheart in 2005, and built a home two doors away from ours. No grandkids yet. Our younger son is a bit of a free spirit. But what can we expect from a left-handed "death metal" guitarist?

Hi to all!

Marilyn Purdy Hebert