Geri Rogoff Curwin
56 Pickford Drive
Rochester, NY 14618
Home: (585) 271-0264
Cell: (
585) 755-0311

I graduated from UMass Amherst with a BA in English, a teaching certificate and an MEd.  Met Rick Curwin and was married in February 1969. We had three sons in four years. The marriage lasted eight. My sons are now 23, 25, and 27. David, the oldest, has lived in Israel for over three years. He has a daughter, Yocheved, who just turned three and a son, Betzalel, who is 1 1/2. His wife is from Chicago. They live on a kibbutz. David, who is a computer whiz, milks cows. Go figure.

My middle son, Andrew, is a technical recruiter. He has the gift for sales.  He is doing very well and loves his work. In three weeks, he is moving home to Rochester, NY (We've been her 27 years.) after a stint in Toledo, Ohio where he went to follow the woman from Hell. (She's gone, but he has the diamond ring if anyone needs one.) My youngest son, Danny, has been in Israel since last February. He is finding himself. I am paying.

My career has been in college teaching (education and business), training and human resources. I have been at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) for 17 years. Kids went to school for free!

I met the love of my life twenty years ago. He and I raised my kids. We have lived together in glorious happiness since they all left the nest and I cleaned their rooms for the first time and changed the locks.

I have done some writing, some consulting (little laundry as Elaine can testify), dyed my hair auburn, and wear blue contacts.

My father died nine years ago. My mother still lives on Lee Road.

I recently "found" Mike Rafkin. We began emailing this summer. (He's not the best correspondent, but he has great stories to tell and even remembers his high school sweetheart fondly.) I wrote to Carol Lovatt and did not receive her answer until she sent it again after Jeff's email. (Carol, I owe you a message.) Other than Elaine, Mike and now, Carol, I have not stayed in touch with our classmates.

I, too, am nostalgic. Part of my career has been major events planning.

I'd take the leads on organizing the reunion, but I am 400 miles away in the frozen wasteland of Rochester.

 Love to keep in touch.