Douglas Smith


I am in Europe where I am building up a rather sizable collection of antique longcase (grandfather) clocks, pre-1800. The case and dial quality changed sharply for the worse after this time, at least that is my view. This has been a rather interesting endeavor. I am constantly surprised at the amount of good unrestored clocks still appearing for sale. However, many clocks have been switched from their original cases because of neglect or crass commercial considerations and thus are not very collectable. Because they had little value until relatively recent years (late 60's onward), not much thought was given to the implications of doing this.

My brother and I own approximately 40 multi-unit properties in Boston in the three family range. These were assembled during the 70's and the real estate recession of the early/mid 90's.

Please give my regards, and I hope all are well!

Very truly yours,

Doug Smith