Herman Steinberg

Marcie & I live in Sarasota, Florida and have been on the West Coast of Florida since 1981.

We have three children: Jennifer (Kuvin), 29, lawyer married to a lawyer, living in Miami.  Jen also is a poet/singer & songwriter, we don't know where she gets the energy, for more info all classmates can visit her fledgling web site www.jenniferdawn.net.  No grandchildren yet

Amy, 26, I urge you all to go to her web site www.surf.to/theamysteinbergband and read the article and reviews.  I SWEAR WE DID NOT PAY THE PAPERS, THEIR REPORTERS OR THEIR CRITICS.  I promise to keep this short because you can get all details at her site.  Just released her debut CD entitled SKY HIGH.  She plays the keyboard and guitar, writes all the lyrics and music.  We are not set up to take credit cards yet, but for all those who love music that is pleasing to the ear, with words that you can both understand and mean something, you can send a check or money order ($12.55 - CD is $10 and S & H is $2.55) to B.A.J. Management, Inc., 4420 Violet Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34233 and it will be in your hands within two weeks from receipt of the check.

Benjamin (the "B" in B.A.J.), 21, senior at University of Florida in Gainesville, will be applying to law school, but is currently also getting his feet into the entertainment arena as the director of the "Rock to Vote" concert for UF and looks like he will be the Student Government Director for all productions for the next year.

As you can tell from this, we are very proud of our children.  As far as we go, Marcie is a craftsperson, with pottery and mosaics featured in some of the Sarasota galleries and I am still trying to figure out what I will be when I grow up.  Actually, I recently told Amy that I just wanted to drive her bus when she goes on tour.  I am still involved in the construction & real estate areas as an individual entrepreneur.