Gary Tamkin
P.O. Box 92345
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: (615) 481-9922

Updated March 2015

I retired from the public defender's office last year after fifteen years and started a solo criminal defense practice. I have been remarried for ten years and have six grandchildren. Life is good in Nashville.


Previous posting from 2000:

For a quick update of what I've been up to for the past 35 years.....went to Northeastern U., then got a PhD in psychology from Northwestern U., then worked for the division of drug rehab in Boston, then went to teach college in Brazil, then lived on cape cod for awhile, then went with my second wife to Honolulu, stayed in Honolulu about 12 years, worked for the daily newspaper, then moved to Nashville in 1990 to publish the city magazine here, the magazine was sold but I stayed in Nashville and eventually went to Vanderbilt law school and became a public defender...I've been married twice, about to get divorced again, I've got two kids, a girl 12 and a boy 9, I published a novel about Hawaii and the assassination of President McKinley, I just played in my first chess tournament, I play handball when I'm not injured, and try to keep in touch with my family up in Boston.